FAQ’s: BottleLess Installation

Installation FAQs

Yes! And we’ll help you every step of the way. All XO Water coolers include an installation kit, 25′ feet of flexible waterway, and step-by-step installation instructions. The installation of a bottleLess cooler requires no pipe cutting, no copper piping or soldering, and no need to turn off the water.

Absolutely. Check out our Installation page for your options.

Installing an XO BottleLess Cooler cooler is very similar to hooking up an automatic ice maker in your refrigerator. For most customers, it takes less than an hour. Your new cooler will arrive with everything you need to get set up, including step-by-step instructions. If you opt to install the cooler yourself and then change your mind later, you can always request one of our installers to come and install it for you. You can read our bottleLess water cooler Installation page for more informations.

A typical installation takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

The kit that we include is suitable for a majority of our customer’s installations. If there are instances where additional supplies are needed, it’s primarily when the water source is more than 25′ feet from the bottleLess cooler. In this situation, you would need to purchase additional length of waterway. We sell 25′ foot sections of 1/4″ waterway in our Shop, or you can get it at any hardware store.

It is easiest the install your new bottleLess cooler when it is in the same room (or near) the water source, but it absolutely doesn’t have to be. Our step-by-step instructional videos teach you how to get the waterway from a water source to the cooler, whether it’s in the same room or not. Please note that the coolers come with 25′ feet of waterway. So, if you are more than 25′ feet away, make sure you get extra waterways from our shopping cart.

If you have one of our technicians install the cooler, they can run the waterway into a different room if necessary. Please note, however, that extremely long distances may require an additional cost for the installation.

The waterway is only 1/4-inch. It is the same waterway used in tens of thousands of ice-makers (in refrigerators) and in automatic coffee brewers.

The flexible waterways that we use are made specifically for the drinking water industry and are incredibly strong. All installation kits include 25’ feet of 1/4” waterway. This commercial grade waterway is certified for 230-PSI water pressure and has a burst pressure of 3X that amount. There are less expensive waterways but XO Water doesn’t sell them.

Yes. You will receive access to installation videos which will show you everything from connecting to your water source to “snaking” the waterways inside the walls to setting up your cooler.

Yes. You can purchase something called “wire mold”. Wire mold is perfect for concealing your waterways, but is also used for hiding wires and cables. Self-adhesive backing makes for easy installation. You can find wire mold at any hardware store. It comes in various lengths (4′ feet, 5′ feet, etc.).

Our coolers are designed to be ‘plug and play’. If you are replacing an existing bottleLess cooler, the waterways are already where you need them so most of the work is done! Just attach the new XO Water BottleLess cooler to the existing waterways as per our set up instructions. It couldn’t be easier!

Of course! Feel free to give it a shot yourself using our step-by-step instructions. If you change your mind, just call the office at 888-299-6144 or go to our Shop page to add Installation to your shopping cart.

Absolutely! You can chat with us online, email us at info@xowater.com, or call us at 888-299-6144. We’d love to hear from you!

Just go to the Shop or call us at 888-299-6144.

Feel free to contact our customer service for support at 888-299-6144.