Why Go BottleLess?

Now you can drink pure, delicious water that is free of contaminants, chemicals, and bacteria – all while saving yourself thousands of dollars compared to bottled water coolers or other bottleLess cooler companies that require you to rent their equipment. Here just a few of the reasons that we think you’ll prefer XO Water:

Incredible Savings

Customers typically save 60% the first year with and 90% every year after that!

Better For Our Earth

The bottled water industry requires over 20 million barrels of oil every year!

No BPA In Your Water

The chemical BPA, an endocrine disruptor, is found in water stored in plastic bottles.

No Dealing With Bottles

No risk of injury from those heavy water bottles. Also, free up that storage.

No Plastic Bottles In Landfills

Bottled water puts 38 BILLION plastic water bottles a year into our landfills.

No Open Hole In Your Cooler

Bottled coolers have an open hole in the top which can introduce impurities.

Ready To Save Money, Time, the Environment, and Your Health?

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