Replacement Dual Filtration Cartridges


If you upgraded to a dual filtration system when (or after) you purchased your XO Water bottleless water cooler, use this listing to order your replacement filters.

The dual filtration replacement set includes one Stage 1 Sediment Filter (which reduces sediment and helps protect the purification filter) and one Stage 2 Purification Filter (which filters out lead, chlorine, cysts, bad taste and odor).

All dual sets include the same Stage 1 Sediment Filter, Model No. L5505.    However, the model numbers have changed for the Stage 2 Purification Filter.    To order the dual replacement set:

Choose option DFR5515 if your current Stage 2 Purification Filter is Model No. XO5515, L5515 OR L10HMLC.

Choose option DFRM1K if your current Stage 2 Purification Filter is Model No. XO1170 or M1000.

If you are unsure of which option you should choose, please call us at (888) 299-6144.

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The XO Water BottleLess Water Cooler dual filtration system provides added protection for customers whose water supply has a high level of sediment (such as New York City water).   This dual system has the same certifications as the single cartridge, but with an added layer of protection.   Stage 1 is a “pre-filter” (a sediment filter) which helps filter out sediment and protect the main purification filter (Stage 2) for efficiency.

Both filters in the dual set are “user friendly” and replacing each filter takes only a few seconds.   You simply detach the filter cartridge from the per­ma­nent head with a 1/4-turn twist to the left and thread­ the new filter into the head and twist a 1/4 turn to the right.

This listing is for replacement filters for an existing dual filtration system.   If you currently do not have a dual filtration system, you can upgrade here.


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